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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Upcoming Projects in Seoul and Incheon 2008

I am no longer living in Bergen, Norway, but instead in my current hometown of Seoul, South Korea. I have a separate project based blog(Please check the LINKS), which now that I'm not posting anymore on here. therefore to continue this blog under the current title would be meaningless. But if you are interested in what I'm doing now please check Grassroots global outsourcing inc . My upcoming temping office+workstation+agency project with my Norwegian gang Again. This will be part of Mobile Cube and will be curated by Jaejun Lee, the architect-Seoul City Gallery Project with SDO (Seoul Design Olympiad 2008)...

AND another group show for a plastic factory in Incheon in Oct 2008...I'm planning to hire a migrant worker living in Korea to be a one-day DJ. (The worker will actually be a cultural ambassador for three different countries.) This 'ambassador' will receive training and compensation for work as a DJ. He or she will play a compilation of Norwegian music for the opening party of "ID Drawing Gig" at a functioning plastic factory in the industrial port city of Incheon, Korea. Incheon is a symbol of multiculturalism with a history embedded with colonialism and global trade. Within one city exists a strong Korean, Chinese, Japanese, British, and American presence. "The 'ambassador' will introduce the Bergen music, selected by the
artist(from Korea) from her artist residency in Norway, to a Korean audience. All selected music is streamed at the Moroccan Radio Apartment #22 online radio stationunder the title of "Scratching Surface Diving in Deep", co-curated by AnneSzefer Karlsen and Abdellah Karroum."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scratching the surface-diving in deep

Listen to Scratching the surface – diving in deep is a three part sound project made for Radio Apartment 22 with contributions by SEX TAGS (N/GER) and Jooyoung Lee (KOR), curated by Anne Szefer Karlsen (N). In addition to the mixes made by the artists, there is a recorded conversation between Jooyoung Lee and Peter Mitterer of SEX TAGS.... for Radio Apartment 22, directed by Abdellah Karroum based in Rabat, Marocco...

le 24 juin 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

First dinner in Seoul

Thai curry with Crab was Crap!! cos the quality of crab wasnt as freah as the one i had from Norwegian fjords!!
Thai curry with veges!!
Various Jeon-like pancake, with Tofu, Cod fish, Chille, Sweet Potatoes as Sulanju.. always good to nibble on soemthing when you are drinking esp Soju in Korea.
YES!! I'm back in Seoul. Susan and I went to Thai place in Hongdae-where I live, to have a dinner before we hit the Jjimjilbang-traditional Korean Bath House, called Happy Day Spa. but we were tempted to drink so stopped at loft and hooked up with Juyoen and Doyeon...ended up drinking... I was way too full and drunk to hit the Jjimjilbang in the end but we managed.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A day up on the roof top at the BEK!!

Peter and I talking about music, music, music...
And art-art-art.
Maria from BEK setting up recording gear for us!! thanks Maria!
Inside BEK!
Photos taken by Anne szefer Karlsen!

My lovely Compliation Music-randomly chosen during my three months residency in Bergen will be streamed soon in Morocco. soooo excited!! here is the link of the Radio Apartment 22-where the compliation will be up. And for this station Peter-from Sextag and I had the Conversation on the roof top at the BEK-Bergen electronic centre last months. Peter will mix the all the sound peices for the streaming. cant wait to listen them all. Really thanks to Anne who curated this project, Peter, Maria, Abdellah Karroum-who run this Ration Station and all the musicians who let me use theirs music. I will update further information about the dates soon.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

On my way back to Seoul

Look at the scale of the airport.
Ceiling from China airport!!
Of course, Chinese style of Bulgogi with Gochujang from Aisian Airline from Bejing to Incheon!!
Bergen Airport.
Turkey and cheese sandwich with for my lunch from Sas airline from Bergen to Copenhagen!!

While i was waiting another flight to Bejing by accident i saw very familiar image by Jan christensen's on the Wallpaper!!
My little flight to Copenhagen!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I had farewell BBQ at Åse's garden and MORE

Farewell with bright night-pic taken at about 11pm last monday. the apartment buildings to east are always edgrd in a faint light around 12 midnight. Bergen is surrounded by seven collective mountains, which explains dawn comes late and twilight so early. it seems really long too before sunrise, while the sun itself is still below the horizon.

Farewell with last gig by John Olav Nilsen og gjengen, means John Olav Nilsen and the gang. he being the singer.

Olaf is sitting on the outside stuido's stair case that prove we had Too sunnday last week in Bergen.
Farewell with v. cool Bike girl!!

Official BBQ at Åse's garden last my last sunny sunday in Bergen!

Farewell with Mosie!! No more invasion of Mosie's territory in the middle of nite. thanks Mosie sharing your space with me.
Farewell with my flat fish from the fishing trip at the BBQ on my last sunday in Bergen.
Farewell with Maya and Adriana at the USF.
Farewell with USF with Hidie at the show by American resident artist called Dan.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I cooked Korean food for Anne, Erlend, Jan and OJ

I met Torbjørn from Roysopp with Heidi at lanmark last wednesday eve.
And had the raw fish -from our fishing trip 10 days ago. i was a bit worried in case one of us might get sick after eating raw fish cos the fish has been frozen for about 10 days and defrosted for about 1day after.... it was still really good and taste!! it means Norwegian fish is really fresh. this time we had proper soya sauce and wasabi sauce. and fresh Korean seaweed as well as slightly pickled radish with vinegar as a Banchan-one of side dishes in Korean cuisine. def they were all perfect combination.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I didnt know BJØRN TORSKE was Djing at the Opera after Capello. Jan told me only yesterday...i wish i knew that...here is a pic of him. he didnt play my love Duran Duran song that nite but his music in general was really good and we all had really good fun.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I went to opening at Buy the way and gallery Fisk

Almost liek twin video!!
Artists who created the show.
this is part of the show at the gallery fisk. now i see this small gallery is not That small any more.
Hiedi, Toril, vilde, Jeremy..
Vilde and heidi (from left) at the capello cafe.
opening at the buy the way.
Inside gallery is actually storage space for the city park workers. i thought inside gallery is the real installation not the windwo, felt really cheated!! what a great space!!

Musician as part of the opening at the by the way.
Dan, Åse, Bjorn.
Bjorn with pepper bag. Pepper shop is coolest shop in town runs by local Djs. if you buy from clothes from pepper shop you are cool..means Bjorn is cool!!

At the buy the way i met Bjorn, Åse, Sissel, Dan-usf resident artist from NY and Heidi, Toril, Vilde and Jeremy at galllery fisk opening.

I danced with

Erlend, Jan, Toril, Hilde, Åse, Sissel, Randi, Marianne from Sweden & DJ Magnus Bjerk-lives in Berlin!! @ Capello.

I met Bjorn with Jeremy

went Last wednesday after Curatorial exam at Capello. Congrats to Åse, Erlend, Randi!!

I met skateboard Kids Under 16 in the street!! you have to be 16+ to smoke!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I met Erlend and Jan

Erlend, Jooyoung and Jan!! (missing Bjorn)195 reunion at Legal bar in Bergen!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I went Fishing wasnt Joke!!

Serious fishing!!
Kjetil got the first fish but not for cat this time.
Sorry cat, this is not the cat-fish?!!
Look at the size of the Norwegian Pollock!! this must be the type of fish mostly used for fish ball, fish buger and salted and dried one ... Pollock must be same as Saengtae in Korea. we often make Saengte chiggae with Garli, Radish, spring onion and chile powder.
Taking out the internal organs from the fish. (from the left Peter, åsa -fishing lady, Kristin, Usa)
and Arne got more Fish from Ocean. YEI!!.. a big flat fish and cod!

First white fish by Kjetil-cod sasimi we had with mushroom sauce(usually we eat with soya sauce) and Korean seaweed, was really good. I really missed Korean gochujang and wasabi sauce for this fresh raw fish...
Arne is busy checking out his fishing gears! Arne, Pal, Kaus, Uda (from the left)
Mother and daugther's favorite pastime activity!! read this Fish for the future in Noway. even bait fish looked really good and edible.